I am a designer, How do i apply to be featured?

If you are a designer or have a retail space you can apply to be featured in the magazine. There are a few different options that you can choose from, advertising space, designer/retail feature and feature and creative photoshoot. To chat, contact us here

can I advertise with the little mag

Yes, you can advertise within the magazine. We have 2 issues published a year and a blog which you can be featured in. To find out more about advertising opportunities and interview space, contact us here


how many issues in a year for the subscription

The Little Magazine subscription includes x2 issues a year. We release a Spring/Summer edition in August, and then a Autumn/Winter edition in January in align with the retail calendar. 


I am a model, how to i apply to be featured?

To be featured in the magazine you can either work with the designers in a collaborative photoshoot or have a model feature in the magazine and blog. Both are also available and we are happy to chat with you about what you are after. Contact us here to chat more. 

I have a retail space, can I be featured?

If you have a retail space you can work with our creative team on a photoshoot to be featured within the magazine, an interview and also advertising space. To chat further about what you would  best suit you and your business, contact us here

Where can I get a copy?

You can order a copy of The Little Magazine online here, or at any of our distribution points listed here.