Party Goggles.

I bet everyone out there is dreaming of a summer vacation right now… (well, unless you are a snow bunny of course) I know all of us at TLM HQ are ready to pack the swimmers and summer dresses and head north to escape this dark, cold winter we are currently in the middle of, but, whilst researching our escape (5-star resort on the shores of Hawaii) a few things came to mind….

#1 Winter will be over soon! YES

#2 We need new swimwear for the kids

and, #3 if your kids are anything like ours, goggles are a MUST whether by the pool or beach. (I mean we don’t want a repeat of what happened on the latest episode of BLUEY, when dad took the kids to the pool with no towel, goggles, snacks, sunscreen or sinkies do we…)

So whilst researching new ‘accessories’ for the kids we came across BLING2o! A brand designing some seriously cool FUN Goggles, kickboards and snorkels all for your little water babies that are far from boring! From sprinkle coated to bearing silicone shark teeth, there is a pair to match any little personality.

Image via Instagram @bling2oaustralia

Image via Instagram @bling2oaustralia

Image via Instagram @bling2oaustralia

Image via Instagram @bling2oaustralia

Image via Instagram @bling2oaustralia

Image via Instagram @bling2oaustralia

Bling2o, Created by Lisa & Sophie, x2 talented mums who were all experienced New York wholesale, merchandising and product design experts they bravely launched Bling2o in 2013 after a home project with the kids that quickly put them in hot demand with the kids and mums around their neighbourhood once they saw their customised decorated goggles they had made for the kids one summer.

We know when we combine our passion with the trends kids love, endless possibilities exist for our products. You can’t beat making a product that makes EVERYONE smile!

Lisa & Sophie - Bling2o

These two creative mothers are leading the way and taking Australia by storm! We loved their designs, we just had to share them with you & have featured this incredible duo in Issue #2 in a feature photoshoot with fellow summer lovers SWOODI. Want a sneak peek? We have one below for you!

All Bling2o goggles are latex-free, lead-free and have anti-fog properties. Perfect for protecting your little bub’s sensitive eyes. Safety is #1 and throughout all the stages of development, they perform the highest quality of control testing programs through highly accredited laboratories.

So, in a country that’s full of summer lovers, it’s about time the good old goggles got re-designed and made fun for the kids. We all know that when a toddler loves something they will wear it no questions asked (Yep, says every Aussie mother) and that’s exactly what Bling2o is. Having fun whilst keeping safe in the water. Trust us, you and the kids are going to love all their designs and whilst at a great price point there is something for everyone so, head on over to their website and start getting ready for summer now!

Instagram: @bling2oaustralia



Photographer: Miller Roberts Photography

Stylist: Holly Chan

Models: Mila Bautista & George Williams

Goggles: Bling2o