My Little Giggles, quality handmade toys inspiring kids all over the world.

When we came across My Little Giggles we were in ore of this incredible brand. A brand that creates beautifully crafted products encouraging children to play letting their imaginations run free, to play as kids do. To have fun. From the learning towers, (which we love, as we love cooking and creating in our household) which allows families to include their youngest or smallest members in the traditions surrounding the kitchen and food participation as participation is the single best immersive learning experience to beautifully designed A-Framed tents, swings and play bars for the littlest ones.

There is something for everyone at any age to spark creativity and play. With their collection being hand made, it ensures that you are getting only the highest quality for your kids. Something that will be kept in the family that they can pass down to their kids and tell stories about when they were little.

Behind the brand we have x2 amazing mums, Carla & Tammy. Tammy created the first Learning Tower because her daughter Grace was determined  to help in the kitchen. With limited bench space and a dining chair or step stool creating a safety issue, Tammy researched and created a safety stool that’s exactly what Grace needed.

So with the original learning tower being made My Little Giggles was born. A product allowing kids to get involved in daily activities and learn, designed and hand made in their very own living rooms. A product used every day, well loved & now covered in avocado thanks to Grace.

“Through engagement we retain what we learn.”

My Little Giggles.

With love and passion for everything handmade the women behind My Little Giggles have now expanded the business from the first learning tower in a business with a wonderful collection of products all hand crafted with the highest quality materials and fabrics.

We mentioned we fell in love at first sight with My Little Giggles, well yes, this is true and we just had to work with the ladies behind this incredible brand and their beautiful products. A few of the My Little Giggle products are featured in Issue #2 in a beautiful collaboration piece about inclusion and a time of change within society and the modelling and marketing industry. A touching piece and must read so make sure you grab yourself a copy.

We have a few snaps below from the shoot and article so be sure to head over to My Little Giggles and check out their range. All their links are below.


Insta: @mylittlegiggles

So, before we go, here are a few of our favs from the collection!

Lillagunga Swing by My Little Giggles featured in The Little Mag Issue #2

Lillagunga Swing by My Little Giggles featured in The Little Mag Issue #2

A Frame Tent by My Little Giggles as featured in Issue #2

A Frame Tent by My Little Giggles as featured in Issue #2