Meet Sarah.


Meet Sarah, a 5 year old superstar that has done it all! Music videos, TVC, Kmart, NAB, Cotton On & Acorn Kids… yep this is just the start of the list. She dreamed of modelling from when she was 3 years old watching her sister on photoshoots and now look where she is at and can we say it again… SHE IS ONLY 5!

Between shoots & castings she fits in kinder which she loves and wants to be a vet when she is older. We love this little sweetheart and worked with her on a feature in Issue #1 for Acorn Kids, she bring so much life and fun to her work. We got to sit down with her and chat about the jobs she has done, her favourite gig and her dreams of being in more TV commercials. Sneak peek below, and the rest is in Issue #1 of the Little Mag and you can pick yours up (or get it delivered) just below.

Sarah is represented by Bambini Talent Group.

Follow her on Instagram @emmaandsarahp


TLM: Sarah, This is a tough one - how old are you and whats your favourite ice cream flavour?

S: I am 5. Rainbow ice cream is my most favourite.

TLM: What’ the best thing that has happened to you this year?

S: I started Kinder. It’s heaps of fun & I have lots of friends.

TLM: When can you remember having the most fun on a shoot?

S: Cotton on shoot was really fun. There was cool music playing - ACDC - and I got to dance and sing for them.

TLM: Who is your favourite Superhero, and why?

S: Wonder Woman, because she is independent

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