Meet: Aadisha


Please all rise for our next shining superstar, 4-year-old, who has captured everyone’s hearts during our photoshoot! We are completely in love with this inspirational model with Down Syndrome, who can’t see any reason why she can’t follow her dream and be a model. We got to sit down and chat with this cheeky little star and her mum about her life, inspiration and projects and we almost forgot the time at the end.

We can only be inspired by Aadisha and are so excited to see what the future holds for her!

TLM:What is the best thing that happened to you, Aadisha this year?

I absolutely love gymnastics! I got my first gymnastic medal this year! I have also started swimming lessons which I really enjoy. But I think the best thing was when my grandparents and uncle-aunt visited us early this year!

TLM: Tell me something interesting about yourself, that not many people know.

I’m a very shy and quiet girl...NOT(giggles)... Just kidding!

TLM:Modelling is a new adventure for you-what made you take the leap and have a go?

I love taking selfies on my Mum’s phone and so an idea came to my head: I can have a professional taking pictures of me and become a model!

TLM: What do you want to be when you grow up?

Maybe a gymnast or a swimmer or a dancer or a painter... Oh,did I mention a model??

TLM: What is your favourite thing to wear that you will never throw out?

My Mum and Dad are from India and so I love dressing up in the traditional Indian costumes and all the sparking bangles and necklaces.

TLM: What is your favourite thing to do in the Winter?

Snuggling with Mum.

TLM: Do you follow any models or actors on social media. If so who, and why are they the best?

Chloe Lennon, the 5-year-old model with Down Syndrome. She is breaking so many misunderstandings about Down Syndrome.

TLM: Do you have any special talents, instruments you play or sports you do?

I love music and play lots of instruments. I recently received my first medal in Junior gymnastics which I absolutely adore. I also like swimming. One of my secret talents is that I know sign language very well.

TLM: Do you remember the very first shoot that you did, and how did it make you feel?

Shooting for The Little Mag is my very first step into modelling. I loved the outdoor shoot, the wonderful crew taking my pictures and of course meeting the other models. An experience that I will never forget!

After chatting with Aadisha, we spoke with Aadisha’s mum a little more about modelling, the media and the benefits she has seen since Aadisha has started modelling.

TLM: Are you with a talent agency, if so who, and how long have been with them?

Yes, Aadisha has been with Casting Kids for almost a year now.

TLM: It’s wonderful we are slowly seeing more diversity kids in mainstream media but we have long way to go. Did you have any initial concern with putting Aadisha out there into the spotlight?

Yes, we did have our reservations and fear for obvious reasons but I guess every parent is protective about their kids. The fact is, we have to let them out of their comfort zone to make a mark in life. Besides, Aadisha is very friendly and happy-go-lucky girl and can make friends with anyone and everyone, which gave us confidence that she will find her way. 

 How do you think it benefits Aadisha to see other kids with Downs Syndrome in everyday advertised and media?

I guess, at this stage Aadisha is too young to tell the difference. However, she gets excited to see any kid on television and tries to imitate them.

 What other changes would you like to see within media to help benefit kids with diversity?

It is estimated that around 4-5 million Australians live with some form of disability, compared to which the representation in media is still quite low and one of the reason could well be awareness among people. Since media has such a wide outreach and impact in our lives in general, it can play a pivotal role in spreading awareness in the society. 

 How do you think participating in photoshoots and modeling has helped Aadisha socially or in any other way?

It has fulled her outgoing personality and helped her become more confident in everyday life.

Follow Aadisha’s journey on Instagram @aadishasjourney. Aadisha is represented by Casting Kids