Little Connoisseur, It’s definitely love.

Collaboration Piece, TLM Issue #2 featuring Little Connoisseur, Goldie & Ace, My Little Giggles.

Collaboration Piece, TLM Issue #2 featuring Little Connoisseur, Goldie & Ace, My Little Giggles.

We love scrolling through Instagram & Pinterest and being endlessly inspired by the most beautiful nurseries peacefully awaiting the arrival of their new babies and dreamy kids rooms that encourage creative play with little nooks for quiet time and reading, but… how do you add that final special touch to make the room feel cosy, peaceful and warm… cue, Melbourne based Little Connoisseur who design and make the most beautiful personalised floor cushions and pillows for you and your little ones to snuggle up in and enjoy special moments together. (or in our case, climb and jump all over)

All you have to do is scroll through their Instagram feed and you will start to feel inspired. All those warm Neutral hues complemented by pops of rich Navy. It's definitely love.

So, let’s talk floor cushions! We absolutely love their floor cushions! No joke, they are beautifully oversized and so comfortable you will not just want x1 you will want many! The perfect place to snuggle, read or watch TV - (trust us, all you parents will want one too) especially during these cold winter months. They are made using only the finest materials, but they have been designed to be loved - sticky fingers and all.

With x2 styles to pick from - the Oliver (square) or Valentine (round) you can pick from a colour palette of blush, navy, powder or grey. Colours that will suit many room changes and will grow with the family. The thing we love the most about these is that you can personalise them and add in your kid's name, nickname or initials.

Oliver & Florence Floor Cushions by Little Connisseur

Oliver & Florence Floor Cushions by Little Connisseur

Now, it’s the fun part… styling! If you're looking for something a little smaller for decoration, a beautiful addition to any child's room are the personalised decorative cushions. They are just the right size for a chair, bed, nursing chair or reading nook. Round in shape, they come in a selection of pastel colours that match the floor cushions. We also love their Personalised Crowns. They are a great gift for your little Prince or Princess to play dress up in, or for a special birthday occasion. They will be loved for years to come and also look beautiful styled in their bedrooms. If you are needing some inspiration, check out some of our favourite rooms below!

Images via Instagram: Top L-R @homeofthewildlings, @theurbanquarters, @mondocherry, @homeofthewildlings, @fourteen.oh.five, @my3ratbagz3614, @paperandlilies

Within issue #2 we feature Little Connoisseur in a gorgeous collaboration piece celebrating diversity and inclusion. It’s a message we feel really strongly about as all children should be able to live in a world where everyone can feel safe, respected and loved. A must read, and the photoshoot was truly beautiful, so make sure you subscribe below so you don’t miss out on some special features coming out this month around this topic.

From personalised floor cushions to the sweetest little crowns, Little Connoisseur will add that final touch to a special birthday party, bring together a newly decorated room but most importantly, they are that special something that will be treasured for years to come.


Instagram: @littleconnoisseur