We chat with Tammy & Carla: Founder's of My Little Giggles.

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Tell us a little bit about yourself and your family.

My Little Giggles is owned by us, Tammy and Carla. We met when our girls were 18mths old at gymbaroo. We became quick friends as both Grace and Harper were the loudest little girls in the hall always laughing and squealing with excitement. We’ve been in partnership for over 4 yrs now and our girls are now both in prep and we have also added a little boy each to our families, Angus and Conor.

What inspired the launch of My Little Giggles?

Grace and Harper inspired us to get in to business. Tammy created the first original Learning Tower and Carla thought it would be a great thing to make and sell so MLG has grown from that.

What does a typical day look like for you?

Waking up and first of all checking Messenger for any overnight messages from each other. Then once the girls are at school and depending if the boys are at childcare for the day then we usually squeeze working on My Little Giggles work in between being Mum to the boys. Carla is the early riser and likes to work before her kids are up where Tammy usually gets stuck in to more work once her kids are in bed.

What are your goals with My Little Giggles?

Our goal for MLG is to be the most highly recognised baby teething brand across Australia.

We absolutely love your collection; do you have a favourite piece?

At the moment our hands-down favourite is our Koko Koala beech wood teether range which was a collaboration with artist Traci Sheppard from Phoenix and the Ocean.

What’s on your current little list of loves?

- We love the Mr Fly baby range of Rattles and Playmats
- The complete range of Baby Noise musical instruments
- Also due to our girls now being of school age, we love the Milestones and Mayhem Sight Words and Sight Boards.
When Carla and I see items that we believe fit our My Little Giggles brand we love being able to add it to our range of products available from our online store.

What’s next for My Little Giggles?

Ah... you’ll have to stay tuned as we have something huge coming up before the end of the year!


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