A Celebration of Inclusion.

Fast forward to a world where there is no judgment, everyone is accepted for who they are, what they want to do and what they look like… well, there is change in the air - it’s far overdue & it’s starting to happen NOW.

Images are all around us. They help to inspire, to inform and to sell and with the power of social media its important that they represent a range of diversity, ethnic differences, disabilities and genetic conditions of Australian Children. Big companies such as Kmart & Target are leading the way and noticing the importance of including a diverse range of the littlest models in their advertising campaigns and we LOVE IT.

Diversity is a hot topic here at the Little Mag HQ as we are always casting for photoshoots. We know it has a long way to go and after a recent chat featured in Issue #2 with Juliette Robson, Director of Casting Kids the fact is, allot of advertisers do not think about it. “We think it is very important for kids to see reflections of themselves in the mainstream media” notes Robson and we could not agree more.

Alongside Kmart & Target, NZ based kids brand, Jamie Kay create incredible campaigns with a strong focus on including kids of all nationalities and abilities. It’s refreshing to see and advertisements like this send a very welcome & strong message that diversity is a part of our community and this is what a typical modern-day scenario should look like.

Everyone has the freedom to shine, and it’s something we are extremely passionate about, so, to celebrate kids and their witty little personalities, we took to the hills of the Dandenong Rangers where the sweetest of young models all came together to celebrate individuality, diversity, inclusion and cupcakes. A truly heartwarming day with a strong focus on childhood and the magic that surrounds every single one of them, and the end result… aside from beautiful friendships, see for yourself below.

Collaboration Piece | A Celebration of Inclusion

Photographer: Miller Roberts Photography

Stylist: Samantha Docherty

Location: Alkira Lodge, Emerald

Models: James Seymor-Walsh, Aadisha Dwivedi, Amelia Glerchick, Zade Molelekwa, Lucas Dalsanto, Amelia Gavin

Clothing & Shoes: Goldie & Ace & Hopscotch Shoes Australia