Why on earth should we support home grown – it’s not what you think!

 Adrianne, Founder and Director of the Little Mag + Photographer at Miller Roberts Photography was recently asked to do an interview for the Sydney Online Retail Festival and one of the questions they asked – “why are you so passionate about supporting home grown?”


Of course, there were the obvious answers of keeping the dollar in the economy and supporting our neighbour, but it made her take a really in-depth dive into what it really means to her to support Australian small business. Below is a beautiful heartfelt answer to one of their most important questions this year and what the Sydney Retail Festival is all about.


“Adrianne, why are you so Passionate about supporting homegrown?”

I am extremely passionate about supporting home grown but also about supporting small business and it means so much more to me that just keeping the dollar in the Australian economy or supporting your neighbour.

Such a huge proportion of kids fashion designers and small business owners are born from mum’s (and dads!) at home wanting to fulfil their creative needs, build a business, contribute to the household income, feel passionate about something other than just staying at home and looking after the kids – just like myself.


We all know of the feeling of smashing out emails in between ABC kids and trying to sound professional on the phone to clients when your 2 year old is jumping off the couch and screaming once he hits the floor!


Along with all the juggling act of working at home we are also burdened with the GUILT.


-       I’m working too much and not playing with them enough

-       I have put them in front of the TV or Ipad  2 days in a row

-       I’m such a bad parent because mummy (or daddy) has to tell you to be quite while I’m on the phone – again!


Let’s not kid ourselves this is where small business starts. But what if we look at it a little differently?


Imagine for one moment what our kids are absorbing when they see mum working hard to achieve her dreams?

The values we are instilling in our kids when they see the hard work, late nights, blood sweat & tears that go into building a successful business?


When you get your kids to help you pack those boxes – what sense of pride, connection and inclusion do you think they get when they know they have helped you with something you love.


When they ride the ups and downs with you what are they really learning about life?


In this rapidly changing world preparing our kids and giving them an insight into your world can only make them stronger.


So that’s what supporting home grown means to me – encouraging our creative community to live in their passions, but also building resilient kids that know what it looks like to follow your dreams.


Adrianne xx


Head the full interview Sydney Retail Festival did with Adrianne online here.

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