A chat with stylist Sian Fisher

Meet Sian. She is one of the incredible stylist that brings all the beautiful shoots you see in The Little Mag together. She puts the final touches on outfits, keeps the kids smiling, an all round creative genius & most importantly works with the brands & photographers to bring their visions and dreams that are on paper to life. Pretty cool, huh! Sian has worked with us at The Little Mag on the last x2 editions and styled some of our favourite shoots with Just Ray & Rock Your Baby out of Issue #2 and most recently Designer Kids & Chloe & Jule out of Issue #3. From product styling to creative direction, location scouting and model castings, Sian has an eye for detail that is like no other & we just love working with her. So, naturally we wanted to know a little more about her, what she does and of course get some insider tips on fashion and her go-to brands. Below, some of the amazing shots out of Issue #3 styled by Sian and then a few extra we just had to share from her Instagram.

The Little Mag X Designer Kids | Styled by Sian.

The Little Mag X Designer Kids | Styled by Sian.

Our chat with stylist Sian Fisher,

TLM: Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do.


SF: I am a children’s fashion shoot producer and stylist. I have the ability to run the whole photo shoot starting with the creative direction, mood boards, location scouting, run sheets, model casting and work permits, through to outfit selection and styling. I get so much enjoyment from working with children and the fun we have on set.


TLM: Describe your style in 3 words


SF: Denim, basics and a touch of rock.


TLM: Have you always loved fashion?


SF: Yes, I have, but particularly more so after I had children and fell in love with children’s clothing.


TLM: First fashion memory?


SF: I’m at 80s child so it was over sized tees, legging and leg warmers for me!


TLM: What does a typical day look like for you when you are getting ready for a shoot?


SF: It takes a lot of organisation to get everything ready for a shoot, and a bit of time loading the car! I like to make sure everything is well thought out so that when I arrive at the shoot everything falls into place without any hiccups. That involves steaming the outfits, allocating them and the props to the models and getting familiar with the shot list.


TLM: How did you get into styling?


SF: I was working as the Sales & Marketing Manager for a children’s clothing brand. It was a big and busy role and after much thought I decided to go out on my own to do the part of my role that I loved… producing and styling photoshoots.


TLM: What do you love most about your job?


SF: Working with kids is what I love most, they have so much energy and we always have a laugh on set. I really love bringing a client’s vision to life and seeing the end result.


TLM: Most challenging?


SF: I am an organised perfectionist so working with children is also challenging as they are so free-spirited, which means you often have to just go with the flow on set. Organised chaos I call it sometimes!


TLM: Where do you find inspiration?


SF: I find a lot of inspiration on Instagram and Pinterest, where I follow a lot of brands and photographers. I get a lot of my inspiration from women’s and men’s fashion and I like adapting that to suit children.


TLM: Favourite location you have shot at?


SF: Ahhh so many beautiful locations! I can’t decide. Most have been on the Mornington Peninsula as I love shooting outside and near the coast.


TLM: What are your favourite themes for children photoshoots? 


SF: I really try to focus on the clothing and not over style a shoot with too many props. I prefer to shoot on location rather than in a studio, as I love the natural environment. Capturing children having fun is always my favourite.


TLM: What are your go-to brands? 


SF: Goldie & Ace, Decjuba Kids, Zara, Country Road and Bing Kids. I often find some great little pieces on Next.com.au too.

Get incontact with Sian!

W: https://www.stylingbysian.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kidsstylingbysian/

The Little Mag X Chloe and Jule | Styled by Sian.

Issue #3 out now!

The Little Mag X Chloe and Jule | Styled by Sian.

The Little Mag X Chloe and Jule | Styled by Sian.

For more inspiration & to see Sians work check her out on Instagram @kidsstylingbysian.

Sian Fisher for Sudo Kids. via Instagram  @kidsstylingbysian

Sian Fisher for Sudo Kids. via Instagram @kidsstylingbysian