Meet: Zade


Meet Zade, with a gorgeous smile and expressive eyes this 3 year old has just taken his first steps into modelling and has already landed some of the coolest campaigns you can get with both BONDS & Myer and has most recently shot with us for Issue #2 in our incredible collaboration piece featuring Goldia & Ace, My Little Giggles, Little Connoisseur & Love Mae.

An absolute dream to work with, Zade is a little super star (or should we say super hero) in the making as he is most definitely not camera shy but also loves flying around like batman! A little entertainer, he made us all laugh on set and between shots we sat down with Zade and mum Shathie to get to know them both a little better!

Most important question first - how old is Zade & whats his favourite Ice Cream?

Zade is 3 years old. He loves pasta bake but strangely he doesn’t like ice cream (yet)

What was Zades first modelling job?

Zade’s first modelling experience was for my brand Mai-Sha Kids; Zade really enjoyed the shoot and that is when i thought he may enjoy doing more of it.

What does pre-shoot preparation look like for Zade?

We do a bit of grooming; nails, moisturise skin etc :) I also have to make sure that Zade is well fed before and during shoots!

What is Zade into at the moment?

Zade love to dance and sing. He dislikes spiders

What advice would you give to someone who was thinking about getting their kids involved in modelling or acting but may have some doubts?

Find a good & reputable agency to represent your child. Ensure that your child enjoys modelling… don’t force it.

Zade is signed with Bambini Talent Group and has been with them for over 6 months now. See his full model profile here. See a few sneak peeks of the shoot with Zade below and follow their journey on insta @zademolelekwa | @days.with.zade