Lana Wilkinson - What's in my kids closet.

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What’s in my kids closet?

Meet Lana, stylist to the stars and mother of 2, we chat with her in Issue #2 about her winter fashion essentials, fav aussie designers & what is in her kids closet right now!

Kids: Ava Wilkinson, age 5 & Elle Wilkinson, age 2.

TLM: What is in your kids closet right now: 

Seed make amazing children’s clothes and my girls’ wardrobes are filled with their pieces. Their wardrobes include lots of dresses at the moment in pinks and summer whites. They have plenty of hats to make sure that they’re SunSmart outside. We love to accessorise with Pixie’s bows, just to add a girly touch to any outfit. My girls are quite feminine and love anything with a full skirt! 

TLM: What you can’t go without for Winter: 

I love to make sure that that my kids are always in layers during winter time, especially living in Melbourne. I’m guilty of winter tights with Mary Jane style shoes and long sleeve tops and or leggings from Seed or Country Road. 

I’ve Seed Heritage’s long sleeve shirts under dresses and knits are a massive wardrobe staple for my girls. The winter tights also ensure that they can still wear their tutus. 

TLM: What will you NEVER throw out?

Anything denim. I have some key pieces from Dolce and Gabbana from LM Bambini that I’ll always keep, as they are quite sentimental. Generally though, great jackets and coats are always great during the transpersonal months. 

Fav Footwear for kids? 

My girls are obsessed with Mini Melissa shoes. They always have fun characters or beautiful motifs printed on their designs. At the moment their favourites are Beauty and the Beast and Mini Mouse. They’re so long lasting because they wear so well. Their shoes are easy to clean as you can just rinse and dry them and you’re good to go. 

Favourite Aussie Kids Designer?

Again, Seed Heritage do amazing everyday kids clothes. They always wash so well - Ava’s Seed pieces were able to be passed down to Elle and are still in great condition. They design great trend pieces but they are also perfect for practical day wear. 

Zimmerman for girls is another amazing kids designer. These pieces are perfect for occasion wear. 

Favourite International Designer: 

There’s a great Balinese kids brand called Jelly Fish that’s fantastic for everyday wear. My kids love their range of pinks and fun patterns.  

For occasional wear, Kenzo has amazing pieces for kids and they stay in great condition. Fun designs and very wearable. I couldn’t wait for my kids to wear the sweater with the tiger motif - I have the adult version. 

What Era of fashion would you love to be stuck in?

It’s no secret that the 80’s are my favourite fashion decade! If they would let me I’d love to put my girls in neon colours and Cyndi Lauper side ponies. 

What Fashion trend do you wish would resurface?  

I love pinafores and overalls on kids. I find there are so many options babies, but as kids grow its not always considered cool. I love this vibe, its iconic and is not a look most adults would wear.