Getting your store ready for Spring 🌸

Image via General Store

Image via General Store

Oh, Spring is in the air! We love this time of year when new stock is arriving giving stores a fresh, light look after all the heavier winter collections. 


We all love a well-presented space that tells a story and inspires right? Well, that exact skill comes down to the perfect planned placement of your product to create an experience for your customers. Think about your space not only as a selling space but an experience. You want to create a journey, and by slowing down the shopping pace, presenting and placing products strategically it will allow your customer to be inspired, discover more and turn their ‘I want this’ to ‘ I need this’.


Product Presentation & Grouping
Visual Merchandising is an art form when creating displays. Every item needs to have its own space and own it. It should tell a story & create a theme. Express emotions and connect with your customers. Explore grouping products by colour instead of styling to create a different look. 



The gateway to your business and what will entice people into your shop. Group products into a story to grab your customers attention and ignite their imagination.


Make your store Instagram ready

Social Media is a powerful tool to present it to the digital world. Create hashtags and encourage people to share their shopping experience online with their social community’s with competitions and instore events. 


Ignite the senses

Whether you love the smell of freshly baked cookies, rain on a warm day or freshly cut grass associating a memorable smell with your brand is something quite a few brands are doing extremely well. You walk past Country Road or Tigerlily and you know that you are walking past their space due to their signature candle smell. But there is not just smell you can work with to get potential shoppers attention, we have a few more ideas below for you.


Hearing – Music to match your space is a great way to make consumers comfortable. It’s essential you get this right as it affects the way people interact in your store.


Sight – Use Lighting, signage and colour to direct shopper’s attention to specific places within the store.


Touch – People visiting a retail space have the ability to feel textures, ensure you do not place garments out of arms reach and if your featuring a product place them within the eye line.


Taste – Of you are selling food or drink products create a sample plate to encourage people to try your product.


Get inspired

Keep it fresh and change your store regularly, find inspiration from other retailers and try new things!

Key to merchandising is to get inspired! We love pinterest & Instagram! They get our creative energy flowing. Work with colours and themes and group together outfits that help people picture the full outfit. Create that destination for your store whether it is a retail space or online and don't be afraid to try new things. People find beauty in the simple so get inspired and keep your space fresh! It's good for the soul! 

Images via Munster Kids, Kawa Heart Studio, General Store, Pinterest, She & Little, Mercillo