Tween: Tips For Your First Casting

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For a model, the start of that dream career is within arm’s reach when your called for your first casting and whilst you have your portfolio to capture the attention of that casting manager, the most important part is making a lasting, impression at the all-important real-life, face to face castings.


All sounds easy right, be yourself, keep it natural… but sometimes you don’t know where to start and what to expect so we have a few tips to help you keep relaxed and look your best for your first casting.


Keep outfit simple

You clothing should be simple, form fitting but not extremely tight. Opt for neutral colours, basic t shirt and jeans are comfortable and stylish. You’re not here to impress for your style but your natural beauty! The simplest outfits are best when you want your natural beauty to shine!


Natural / no make up

If you’re not sure, wear no make-up at all! Castings don’t require a full face of make up


Clean simple hair

Your hair should be clean and pulled back of your face. We love a bun or a simple ponytail.  If your hair is short style it nicely.


It’s all about the little details

Exactly! Even the smallest details… yep, your nails. Keep them neat, tidy and polished. Always carry a spare top or tee with you, you never know what may happen on the way. Most importantly, have your portfolio and any other documents required with you.


At castings you are to look your best but also be like a blank canvas. Your beauty and talent are to shine through so keep it simple, be comfortable and confident and keep your look natural.