Posing - The Basics

Being a model isn’t as easy as it looks in the pictures – its hard work trying to get that perfect shot. It takes time, skill and allot of dedication to produce beautiful awe-inspiring images that you see gracing the pages of your favourite magazine. So, whether it’s your first photoshoot or you have been in the industry for a while, we thought that we would go back to basics and put together some tips to help you deliver that perfect shot next every time!

Image via Zara

Image via Zara


Engage your body posture and mind

POSTURE IS KEY! Be aware of your body positioning and stand tall. Keep focused and learn how to best angle yourself.



When you work as a model you need to move! Even though when you strike a pose it usually means to stand still. Movement adds interest, even if it is just slight movement. Listen to the photographer, add your personality and keep the poses flowing.



If your asked to stare into the camera, do it with purpose and tell a story. Practicing in front of a mirror is a great way to perfect this look.


Being a model is not just about the poses but about the positive can-do attitude. Keep practicing and perfecting your best poses and build on that. Being a good model, takes time and work. So get in front of a mirror and pose pose pose!

{and... don't forget to have FUN!}