Winter Style

Winter, we have a love-hate relationship with you. We love the knitwear, boots and jeans. The snow and warm café’s. But dislike the repetitive style. There is only a certain amount of times that you can wear the sweater/jeans/jacket combo without getting a bit tired and bored with it. We are all feeling it, so we thought that we would share some of our winter style hacks with you all so that you too can start looking fresh (we are sure you do already) for the rest of the winter…



One thing we are loving is socks and sandals! Super stylish and will keep you warm through the cooler months while you give your trainers and boots a bit of a rest. Grab a beautiful pair of woollen socks, we love these from Peggy for the kids or these for the mum’s and dads’ and wear them with your sandals, clogs or Birkenstocks!

Image via  @bellandlace  

Image via @bellandlace 


Whatever you call them, it’s time to bring back the good old skivvy. You know the high roll neck thermals that live in the bottom of your closet. Grab the pretty summer dresses that have gone into hibernation over the winter months and wear them with a skivvy under to keep you toasty, warm & chic.

Image via  Sugar Kids

Image via Sugar Kids


This is the best part of winter fashion! Beautiful knitwear, cosy and warm! Some of our favourite kid’s knitwear pieces for the kids are coming out of the north this season from Maple & Bay and Summer & Storm. Beautiful cotton cardigans and sweaters that can be layered and will keep your little ones warm without over styling and bulky jackets. For us women, you cannot go past the artesian herself, New Zealand based, The Knitter.


We love a padded puffer jacket! Big, oversized and stylish comfort wear, these bad boys can be worn with just about everything and keep you looking stylish but still toasty warm! We love the look of wearing them over dresses with stockings, boots or sneakers.

Image via @countryroad

Image via @countryroad


Winter is a time to have fun with fashion and although its cold outside it really is the most stylish time of the year!