Our July Hot List!

Pic via  Rylee & Cru

Pic via Rylee & Cru


Are you about to head off on a winter escape with the family, whether it be overseas to the snowy peaks of New Zealand or to the warmer waters of Noosa in QLD or to the shores of Hawaii? Yes, we are all dreaming about it.  But, for those lucky ones who are currently in the middle of packing the car & those suitcases getting ready to travel for hours with the kids it is starting to get exciting - but then you realise that 14 hrs+ is a long time to keep them amused....  Have you got enough toys, snacks, books, music!!??

Well, we know that you are all super busy and also know that there are some seriously cool toys and accessories out there that will be just perfect for your next adventure so we have a few of our favourites of the moment below for you to add to that list before you hit the road! Oh, and its not all just about the kids, we added in a few special things for mum & dad too! 



Books, Books & More Books!

We love books here at The Little Magazine and to narrow it down to just a few would be a tough task, there are just so many amazing stories out there. We love the selection that NSW based children's boutique, Kido Store have on their site. There is a little something there for all ages!


For the older Kids, we love the selection of toys and games from Areawear. Especially the Cube Bot! An Eco-friendly buddy that will keep your kids busy trying to get this little robot back into his original cube shape. 

Make Me Iconic Toys

This Melbourne based brand is making some seriously cool toys for your little ones. Great for travel or the home we are especially loving the Iconic Ice creams (which includes bubble o bill himself) and the Stacking burger!

Polaroid Camera

Don’t like handing your camera or phone over to the kids just yet but want them to be able to capture the holiday through their eyes? We love the idea of their own Polaroid camera, they get instant pictures that they can keep safe in their own travel journal and document the trip without you worrying about a broken camera whilst away from home. We also love the Vtech Kidizoom!

Image via  Polaroid

Image via Polaroid

Axel & Ash Journal

Let their imagination run free and encourage your kids to document their trip in one of these beautiful journals from Axel & Ash. We guarantee you will want one too! 

Image via  Axel & Ash

Image via Axel & Ash





When travelling you don’t have to be dressed up to look chic, we love the basics from Jac & Jack. We particularly love the collaboration with Two Good Co. An amazing cause, worth checking out!


Treat yourself whilst your away as travelling is sometimes more stressful than relaxing with kids, we love to unwind with this face mask from Courtney + The Babes.





Who doesn’t love a bit of new tech and for dad, these Bluetooth headphones are the perfect way to wind down after a big day.


Travel in style with a new pair of sneakers (makes easier for running after the kids too) we are loving these Adidas shoes with the added bonus of supporting the fight to protect and clean the oceans!

Image via  Adidas

Image via Adidas