How to Shoot a Faultless Flat Lay

Image via  @jasminedowling

Image via @jasminedowling

The quality of imagery that you use across all social media platforms these days is becoming increasingly important as it not only portrays the look and feel of your business but also is the deciding factor as to whether people are going to follow you or just keep on scrolling past.

I bet you can agree, there is nothing better than seeing a good flat lay. They are carefully constructed and pieced together in a way that lets your product tell a story. So, how do you take a good flat lay to make it attention grabbing and noticeable? We have some tips below to help you with just that!



Go for natural lighting, morning or afternoon is best. Try a few different areas around your studio or home to find the best natural light but we have found that a big window works best.

Image via

Image via


It's fun to experiment with textures depending on the story you want to tell when styling a flat lay, but we love keeping its simple so that the product does the talking. Plain white (or coloured) cardboard, floorboards or a benchtop won’t distract from the product featured. Try a few different backgrounds until you find something that suits the look and feel that you are after. 


Ensure that your flat lay is not cluttered, keep a good amount of breathing space between each product. Space does not have to be big but balanced.

Image via  @jaynebrandatelier

Keep it simple & pick a theme

Sometimes less is more so play around with the simplicity of the shot. A theme is also very important to work with as the image should tell a story. Every piece you place in the story should work together to create the overall theme. A theme could be anything from ‘weekend outfit’, ‘travel essentials’ or even ‘what’s in my bag’.

Clean lines

This is where your inner OCD needs to shine. Everything needs to have its place. Clothing perfectly folded, accessories straight and all aligned.

Pic via  @murrayandfinn

Editing Apps.

When shooting on your phone, Afterlight is a must as well as Photoshop. 

Get inspired

Our favourite part! There are some incredible creatives and retailers working some serious magic with the camera on Instagram so do some research beforehand and find some shots that inspire you! A few people we have always loved @jasminedowling & @margaret_zhang and of course Pinterest!

With these tip & tools in the back of your mind, head down to the art shop, grab some supplies, find your perfect light and get shooting! There is nothing more satisfying than creating beautiful content that represents your brand vision.