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Oh, that beautiful milestone of baby’s first steps. Then babies first shoes, oh so many shoes… But when your little mini’s start walking, New Zealand childrens footwear company, Bobux say, “barefoot is best!” Sound amazing right, and strange coming from a shoe company but running around barefoot for the first few years of your kids life is the best thing for the development of their little feet.

Introducing, Bobux. A beautiful New Zealand brand that are changing the way we think about kids shoes and educating us on the important role shoes have at aiding the correct development of your children’s feet. These guys love shoes, and your little ones feet. They are the experts and produce amazing shoes that are not just good for feet but super stylish too.

So, back to "barefoot is best” . Bobux senior designer, Nicole Williamson says, “When babies are born they have no bones in their feet, just soft cartilage. Developing feet are so soft that they are prone to conforming to the shape of shoes as they grow rather than their natural shape. Going barefoot allows feet to move how they are supposed to, strengthening and growing naturally. But, how can we protect their sweet little feet if its recommended they wear no shoes at all? you say… Well, Bobux have broken down the development of kids feet into 5 stages and learnt at each development stage the changing needs of kids feet. Their collection reflects years of extensive research and testing.

The 5 stages are: Pre-walking, cruising, first-walker, toddler & pre-school.

Children who wear Bobux shoes are wearing shoes that are expertly made especially for their unique little feet, at the specific stage that they are at. Whilst many kids shoes are just scaled down from adult versions, Bobux are designed specifically for kids. They know that looking after kids feet are essential to lifelong foot health.

Their collection for boys & girls are made from beautiful high quality materials, made to last and be comfortable. They spend a lot of time thinking about what makes healthy feet. There’s a lot to it and like anything, the closer you look, the more detail there is. Their collection is incredible, something for everyone from the most beautiful summer sandals, warm stylish boots for the winter & the sweetest little slipper for your newest arrivals.

Summer is fast approaching here in Australia so make sure you check out this amazing brand doing amazing things for our kids feet.

Image via Instagram @bobuxshoes

Image via Instagram @bobuxshoes

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