Preparing For Your First Runway


Kidz Fashion Week

Kidz Fashion Week is fast approaching & after seeing all the amazing runways all over the world recently we are freshly inspired by all the street trends & catwalk collections!! BUT, being inspired is one thing and walking your first catwalk is another!!

We love the feeling of a catwalk show. The incredible music and soundtracks, bright lights, hair, makeup and we cannot forget showcasing the designers clothing collections.

But taking to that long runway can be a daunting thing, and it is an art to perfecting that ‘catwalk’, so if this upcoming Kidz fashion week is going to be your first, you have us to help prepare you for your debut runway and take it all in your stride. 

Posture Perfect

Posture is key when it comes to the runway. Standing up straight, confident and proud! Slouching is a no-no as you are there to proudly show off the designer’s collection and give it life. Stand upright, shoulders back and head up looking where you are going. Keep your body engaged ~ just like when you are on a photoshoot, and most importantly… HAVE FUN!!  

Attitude & Personality = Runway Success

Walking with attitude is another key for the Catwalk! Channel some sass and attitude into your walk and it will make you feel confident. Focus on where you are going and let your personality shine. 

The Actual Walk

Designers will give you guidance on how they want their show to run but taking long strides with one foot in front of another will allow the clothing and you to move naturally. Find your rhythm with the music and use that beat to your advantage. 

Practice makes perfect

Practice, practice, practice! Put a mirror at the end of your hallway and strut your stuff! Practice makes perfect so get out there and have fun!

Fashion shows are such an exciting thing to be a part of, so before you get swept up in the moment and the wild ride of the day, take a step back and soak up the incredible experience as before you know it you will be out there for your moment in the spotlight.

Tune into Kidz Fashion Week on November 29th to see all the trends and fashions on the runway!